Whatever we may do … We do not monkey around!

Our working ground is exhaustive and ever-evolving. Thus, a lot of fun too! We visualize, design, plan and execute branding and marketing designs along with mapping the competition ahead and ways to counter it. Whether you are a single set-up entity or a business chain, 99 Monkeys nurtures your vision to make it stand apart. Leverage your brand image with us and live the difference.

We believe our clients are valuable and so is their time. It becomes difficult for a client to run around to different places to get a print ad, a product catalogue, branding merchandise, a customized work space, an AV etc. And it also becomes difficult for an idea to not get lost in translation from one vendor to the other. Thus, we at 99Monkeys have put together a one-stop shop to cater all your branding requirements and taking it beyond. A single agency which takes care of solutions for creating a brand story around the core philosophy of the company, visualizing and positioning the brand to handling brand campaigns, we handhold a company to create a differentiated identity.

We will stand right next to you in your challenges and & battles and ensure that you turn them to your winning stories with the right foot forward.

We know you are here to achieve. We believe in you, work for you and & with you to achieve your dreams. But above all, we believe in the journey of an idea to an identity if build the right way.

We will stand right next to you in your challenges & battles.
We know you are here to achieve. We believe in you, work for you & with you to achieve your dreams.

Brand discovery – We bring your vision to life by understanding your brand values and what it stands for. We do this by finding the stories worth telling about your brand which makes it stand apart.

Brand strategy – We tell your brand’s story through designation, market positioning and creating a message which would speak for itself. We revise, revisit and reinvent.We design, lay the foundation, build the structure, processes, and let the future unfold.

Brand identity – We help you differentiate yourself with logo, tag lines, colour and design for the brand as well as branding campaigns. We get into detailing to the point of a certain shade of blue for a happy sky and another for a sombre one. And that, even when the sky is just the backdrop! We get people to see things with a new perspective. We get people to pay attention. We build your visual identity. We work on forging an emotional connect with customers for the brand which lives on.

Brand experience – We create a 360-degree experience of the brand for high engagement with customers through ATL, BTL activities, guerrilla marketing, social media promotions, digital marketing, designing and SEO, corporate videos and printing. We connect all the-people, places, media & digital marketing to create the imagery a brand can proudly own.

Brand Recall – We bring you contractual service providers for BTL campaign, road shows, public relations and media negotiation, sales tool and mobile app development. We believe in you, work for you and with you to achieve your dreams. It might be another idea, another product or another business for you. But for us, it’s another challenge, another journey, another learning to take along. Thus, we own your business like our own. In making you realise your dreams, we live our.

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